Italian Inspired, Australian Born

Sirena tuna since 1956


Australia’s relationship with food changed forever in the early 1950s when a steady wave of Italian migration brought a love for simple things done well. Longing for a taste of home, these enterprising migrants found ways to bring their much loved flavours to life in the new world.


That’s how Sirena tuna was born in 1956 – a young migrant family crafted a product that perfectly embodies the fusion of traditional Italian taste with premium produce. Australia quickly embraced Sirena’s rich blend of succulent tuna chunks infused with ingredients. And soon the iconic yellow tin made its way into delis and markets across the country as demand for Sirena steadily grew.


From the purchase of the largest fishing boat in Australia in 1970, to 100% pole and line fishing across the world today, Sirena has been guided by the same values and passion that started it all. It continues to find sustainable ways to deliver the same honest flavours and signature tuna chunks to its growing national and international markets.


This family owned business has proudly stocked pantries for three generations and has made sure that every time customers reach for Sirena they are certain to enjoy a premium product and the authentic taste of Italy.